Please consider fostering a pet in need.  Without foster homes, Lucky Dog Rescue would not exist. Since we do not have a shelter location, we need foster homes where puppies and adult dogs can live until they are adopted.

In foster homes pets are given the socialization, love, training reinforcement, and any medical care that they need.  Fosters are responsible for ensuring that their animals are cared for and that any health problems are addressed.  Lucky Dog Rescue ensures that our fosters are provided with the vet resources, medication and the support they need.

If you are interested in finding out more about our foster program, please complete our Foster Application and Contract and email it to [email protected]

Why foster?

Read “The Truth About Fostering” by Ashley Owen Hill

An excerpt: “How many times have you actually been able to save a life?  I don’t mean watching on the sidelines as a life is saved…I man literally pulling a dog or cat from death and bringing them back to life.  It’s an incredible experience…there’s nothing like it. But far too many people let the inevitable pain at the end of the experience blind them from the joy of the journey.”