Lucky Dog Rescue, Inc.
P.O. Box 550822
Houston, Texas 77255

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We are no longer an active group and unfortunately our intake is closed.

Additional Info:

Note that the city of Houston Shelter, BARC, currently has an 80%+ “live release” rate, mostly due to the amazing efforts of While we can’t guarantee anything with regard to any animal that might be turned into BARC, this is a much lower kill rate than ANY other area shelter so please keep that in mind if you run out of options. If you agree to temp foster through BARC, this would help ensure the safety of your found animal. 

The Houston SPCA remains the only agency that provides an injured animal ambulance and rescue service 24 hours a day every day of the year. Call 713- 869-SPCA {7722} to report an injured animal in need. *Note that SPCA automatically puts down any pittie or suspected pittie-mix – across the board.

All Houston-area rescue groups are inundated with requests and there aren’t any “no kill” shelters in Houston. All rescues are foster-based. We have an urgent problem and need leadership from city leaders on this issue of stray and abandoned animals in our city. Please check out to see how you can help encourage change!