It’s been quite awhile since I gave you an update on the puppy we adopted from you back in March of ’08. I just wanted to let you know that we’re all still one big happy family.

When you knew him, he was a skittish little orange fuzzball named Cookie. He was listed as being a 3-month-old Australian shepherd mix. Now he’s a 4-year-old family man named Indy who my girls believe to be of Nova Scotia Duck Tolling Retriever descent (we saw one on a AKC dog show that looked just like him). My girls also (much to my chagrin) have taken to calling him Bo, Little Bo and Little Bo Princess. And folks still refer to him as “she” because he’s so pretty.

Long gone are the days when he would ride in my lap in the car, but we frequently go on play dates with other pups, to the dog park, to a friend’s farm, etc. He defends the back yard with vigor, tail and ears all perked up. Occasionally I’ll find him tossing a possum around, but they are smelly little creatures and I have to spoil the fun.

Over the months and years, he has lost much of his skittishness. He let’s all manner of family and friends pet him, but he still eats his kibble by getting a mouthful and then moseying off to munch elsewhere. Guess some things will never change.

Anyway, I’m attaching “then and now” photos that I hope make you smile. He is a constant source of joy and affection for me and my family, and I thank you for getting us together.